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The stars shine bright at night! Rich in CBD, CBC, CBG and CBN, this whole plant hemp extract is specially fornulated to elevate your wellness and help your body get ready for restful and restorative sleep.


Research has shown that cannabinoids such as these, are more effective when they are found together than when they are isolated. This is known as "the entourage effect".


Although all of our oils are full spectrum hemp extracts containing a full profile of naturally occurring cannabinoids in a synergistic blend (as nature intended!), our new highly concentrated multi- cannabinoid formula is the Ultimate Entourage!


Contains <0.3% THC. Will not cause intoxicating effects when taken as directed.


Please note: Because every body is different, we encourage our customers to establish a routine and take note of how they are feeling before using a product. Then, be mindful of any changes in the weeks following consistent, daily use.

15 ml CBD-CBC, CBG & CBN Multi-cannabinoid Blend

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