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People are talking about Lyfe is Green CBD

We believe in the power of nature and we are personally experiencing amazing wellness benefits from regular use of our high quality CBD but we must make a disclaimer that our CBD products are not intended to treat or cure any disease and have not been approved by the FDA. We further suggest that you do your own research by accessing reliable (non sales) CBD information sources on the internet.  We also remind you to consult your physician before starting CBD or any other product.

That being said, people are excited about their experiences with pure and potent Lyfe is Green CBD products and we'd like to share their testimonials with you!

Real Reviews by Real People.


These ladies have more in common than their beautiful smiles...

They all love Lyfe is Green CBD!

Your sleep formula (CBN) is a game changer for me. 


I love the way your products make me feel. The shower scrub is a real treat.

- Juanita L.

Love the product. My knees love the product.

-Rose L.

It's the tin man's oil.

Julie S.

Love the products. Great service and fast delivery. Thank you.

 - Jenna S.

I love the hemp and mango massage butter. It keeps my skin soft and smooth all day.

Lynn R.

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