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People are talking about Lyfe is Green CBD

We believe in the power of nature and we are personally experiencing amazing wellness benefits from regular use of our high quality CBD but we must make a disclaimer that our CBD products are not intended to treat or cure any disease and have not been approved by the FDA. We further suggest that you do your own research by accessing reliable (non sales) CBD information sources on the internet.  We also remind you to consult your physician before starting CBD or any other product.

That being said, people are excited about their experiences with pure and potent Lyfe is Green CBD products and we'd like to share their testimonials with you!

Real Reviews by Real People.


These ladies have more in common than their beautiful smiles...

They all love Lyfe is Green CBD!

Your sleep formula (CBN) is a game changer for me. I can't remember the last time I've slept so well. I actually felt well rested in the morning for the first time in years!"


When I started taking CBG oil I noticed a change in my regularity and comfort level...a noticeable change in my GI tract.  I highly recommend this product to anyone suffering from IBS.


- Juanita L.

After just a few droplets at night, I got relief from chronic leg pain.  I am able to bend my knees without any discomfort. I also have the best sleep with Lyfe is Green CBD



-Rose L.

I used Lyfe is Green CBD Calming Cream on my leg when i had Achilles pain.  I massaged it into the skin at the sore area and I could not believe how fast I got relief.  Nothing else had worked and I didn't want to take pain pills.  I'm amazed that an all natural cream is so effective.  - Mike S.

I decided to use Lyfe is Green Calming Cream to moisturize my scalp.  I was hoping it would give me relief from an itchy skin scalp condition.  With regular use, the itching reduced significantly and the bumps on my scalp started going away.  I was surprised when my barber commented how much better my scalp looks and even said my hair looks thicker.  - Connor H.

CBC calms my anxiety without making me feel tired or groggy. It actually helps me feel more focused.  I'm able to concentrate better and get things done in half the time -Kelly

Lyfe is Green Calming Cream is the tin man's oil! Just a dab on my knees before my morning walk and I'm as good as new!

-Julie S.

My daughter's neurologist at Kaiser finally gave the o.k. to try CBD to help with her seizure disorder, as long as I gave her a high quality brand that is subject to third-party testing.  I chose Lyfe is Green because it's organic, pure and potent.  I didn't take her off her prescription seizure meds but I've been able to reduce her dosage by 2 mls over time while also giving her CBD twice a day.  Currently, she is seizure free!  

 - Jenna S.

My physician noticed I wasn't taking my prescription pain pills when I had my last blood tests.  I was hesitant to tell him I was taking CBD but when I did, he told me that many of his patients are trying it and he actually feels better about me taking CBD than the opioids he prescribes for chronic pain because its not addictive and doesn't have all the side effects.  - Bobby G.

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