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Because not all cannabinoid wellness products are created equal, we want you to try our 420 Calming Cream before you buy it!

We believe in the power of nature so we keep it simple! Our top selling proprietary pain calming formula contains a whopping 420 mg of full spectrum cannabinoids (CBD & CBG) per ounce, raw organic shea butter, a few organic essential oils carefully selected for their inflammation & pain reducing properties, and nothing else (no bad stuff!)

420 Calming Cream is made in small batches using only the finest 100% plant based ingredients. We never use man made chemicals, preservatives or any artificial ingredients. No isolate powders or other "tricks" to boost the numbers. This is really good stuff.

Formulated to relieve painful joints and sore muscles, this rich emollient is also great for soothing dry, irritated skin and providing relief for symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

420 Calming Cream - FREE Sample

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